About Me pages are the hardest things to write. I want to spool off reams of jokes, anecdotes and the complete works of Shakespeare all in one page in an effort for you to fall in love with my website.

I’ve procrastinated over this so much I ended up wanting to curl up in a corner and weep. Manly tears of course.

Before the tears.

I guess I best get on with it.

Joe, Blogs is about me (Joe) writing about things on the Internet (also known as “Blogging”). Here you’ll find I mainly write about books I’ve enjoyed, games I’ve played and movies I’ve sat through. I don’t plan to use my website for evil but I do want to have fun and for you to enjoy reading what I’ve put up.

I’ll try to post at least once a week, probably on a Saturday since that’s when most people are off work. It could be more depending on the situation so the best thing to do would be to follow me on Twitter.

I’m generally open to suggestions so if you don’t like something on the site or think I could do better, please contact me using the form at the bottom. No abusive messages please, my fragile mental state might not be able to cope.


There’s also a few bits of housekeeping to help bulk out my word count:

  • Occasionally I’m asked to review something. Usually people let me keep whatever I’m reviewing but I’m never paid to post a positive spin on a product. If I’m given something truly awful, I will tell you. If it’s the best thing since chips dipped in Ice Cream (TRY IT), you can be assured it’s a genuine opinion.
  • If I’m paid or sponsored to promote a product, again I’ll call it out in the article. Interesting fact – people should do this all the time. Not only is it not nice when readers feel they’ve been given a hard sell, but Google and other search engines penalise people for this. It’s devilishly brilliant.
  • Finally, if I link a product in any pages I sometimes make a commission if you buy stuff. I can’t see what you buy and it doesn’t affect the price of what you pay. This commission won’t make me a millionaire but allows me to run the site add free which is great because faster sites help with search rankings! enhance your user experience.
  • Because the site does track cookies to allow me to make money off my links, I have a cookie policy which can be found here.

My press kit is coming soon. It’s currently AFK.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you stay a while.


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