The American Way: Those Above and Below

Depressingly, The American Way: Those Above and Below shows just how little we’ve come since the 1970s. While we exceed in scientific or technological fields, humans are still pricks to one and other. Why? Because of different genders and skin colour? Some 45 years after the book takes place, the subject matter feels alarmingly familiar. These problems should be confined to history and that’s what annoys me.Read More »

Superman – Action Comics: The Oz Effect Deluxe Edition

I’ve not been much of a Superman fan. I’ve always found him too goody-goody. He’s a moral alien trying to protect the planet he lives on. As such, I’ve only kept an eye on his world in Action Comics. One character however, has been playing on my mind for years; Mr Oz. The Oz Effect brings together years of questions and lays it all on the table. That’s right comic book fans, we finally get to find out who Mr Oz is! Not here though. You gotta buy the book if you want those kind of spoilers.

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