400 words and everything in between

Did you know that the late¹, great Sir Terry Pratchett changed his life by writing 400 words per night? That’s incredible to think about. Four hundred words is nothing. In the real world, I knock out 400 letters like no tomorrow, yet here is a man who did this non-stop until he finished his first book. When he got to the end of that, his nightly quota wasn’t met so he immediately set about the sequel. It wasn’t until Pratchett published Mort – his fourth book in the Discworld series, did he quit his day job.Read More »

Watching Pokémon is more traumatic as an adult

Last weekend, a few friends decided to have a little get together. We’ve had nights like this before where the alcohol has flown and we settle in for a movie binge or a friendly game of Cards Against Humanity. This time, we decided to have a throw-back session of Pokémon movies. The first three to be exact. Let me tell you something, watching Pokémon as a drunk adult is as traumatic than watching it in the cinema 20 years ago.Read More »