Hit list: Picross S

I love puzzles and brain teasers. As you’re probably aware, I’m also into Video Games. Can you see where I’m headed with this? As someone who thoroughly enjoyed the Brain Training series on the Nintendo DS, it doesn’t take a Professor Layton to work out that I play virtual puzzle games at any opportunity I can. Since the Nintendo Switch released, there was a certain itch I needed scratching, Picross S was bold enough to step up.

Picross S is a grid-based game, you fill in blocks to create an image. Unlike Soduko, there are no numbers. You either fill in a block on a 10×10 grid or you don’t. The challenge comes from working out where these blocks need to go to fill in the grid.

This is your game grid.

There are two modes, Picross & Mega Picross. In the standard version, each row and column on the grid is given a series of numbers. These represent how many blocks to put down and what order to fill them in. Mega Picross ups the game and groups two rows together to make the game more challenging. Other than this, there’s not much to say about the game.

This is why Picross S is frustrating. Not in a good way. 300 puzzles may seem loads, but the difficulty level isn’t that high. Mega Picross mode is supposedly harder, but the same images were used. When going through this mode, I paid more attention to my gut than the clues at the edge of each grid. I soon blasted through most them before giving up.

Picross S – a story of intrigue?

I initially lost interest in the game because I didn’t enjoy solving the same puzzle twice. I came back to it purely to wipe it off my list. If the game had a challenge mode against a human player, or some additional content I would’ve recommended it with no questions asked. As it stands, I’ll stick to the Picross 3DS games. These offer more challenging puzzles.

Picross S is available from the Nintendo Switch e-Shop (link to the EU store).

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