400 words and everything in between

Did you know that the late¹, great Sir Terry Pratchett changed his life by writing 400 words per night? That’s incredible to think about. Four hundred words is nothing. In the real world, I knock out 400 letters like no tomorrow, yet here is a man who did this non-stop until he finished his first book. When he got to the end of that, his nightly quota wasn’t met so he immediately set about the sequel. It wasn’t until Pratchett published Mort – his fourth book in the Discworld series, did he quit his day job.

I’m not saying that I want to write a book; I’m terrible enough at keeping up with the website to worry about 100,000 words, but something struck a chord with me. Such a small number of words per night soon added up to a career Pratchett was destined² for. Could I take that mantra and use it in my life? Absolutely.

I took some time away from the website because I wanted to think about how to present it. Not in the coding or the look of the site, but the way you read the words. I want this to be more conversational and more, well, me. No, that doesn’t mean every post will be 400 words. Could you imagine how hard that would be to fit in everything you wanted to say and not make it seem like filler?

What this means is that this website will be more personal; more a diary of sorts. I’m not the type of person who will waffle on about how great cupcakes are³ so don’t worry about that. It’s something I can look back on and be (relatively) proud of. I want this site to accurately represent me. If it gets me a job, brilliant. If not, then that’s good too. It’s something I’ll continue with anyway.

So, the big question is, can I change my life in 400 words like Terry Pratchett did? I don’t know but it’ll be fun finding…

1I don’t know enough about the man to know if he was punctual or not. It could be something you say to make the word “great” seem less egotistical, but what do I know?
2Destined is probably too strong a word. Perhaps “really wanted to avoid a real job” is more accurate.
3Pretty damn great as it turns out.

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