Watching Pokémon is more traumatic as an adult

Last weekend, a few friends decided to have a little get together. We’ve had nights like this before where the alcohol has flown and we settle in for a movie binge or a friendly game of Cards Against Humanity. This time, we decided to have a throw-back session of Pokémon movies. The first three to be exact. Let me tell you something, watching Pokémon as a drunk adult is as traumatic than watching it in the cinema 20 years ago.

Of course, this sadness is peppered with foul language and laughter that would make a parent run screaming. I mean, c’mon Mewtwo, you kill all those people and then decide to throw a tournament? Do one mate.

Watching the first three movies did hit home, just how far the Pokémon series has come and how little the movies have changed. They are all identical in set up. A legendary monster appears, the world is threatened, Ash tries to save the day, succeeds and everyone is happy.

It’s standard child movie fare but what makes the first movie (and to a lesser extent, 2 & 3) special is that it tapped into the pocket monsters at its peak… As well as having Pikachu getting slapped in the face. I’m not crying, you are!

Pokémon and the quest for innuendo

When re-watching the movie, we spotted a copious amount of inconsistencies, wrong Pokémon being called, and Meowth’s clone is the only one with common sense by not fighting. The worst (best) plot hole is a doozy. When Mewtwo decides to steal monsters from their trainers, everyone runs. Eventually, after hurling every single swear word we could think of, Ash has the clever idea or putting his Squirtle back in his ball. Heh.

The plan fails and he loses his squad. Misty on the other hand pops her Togepi in her sack and is rightfully ignored. Yeah, Togepi is a terrible Pokémon. I said it.

Plotting issues aside, as a kid, Pokémon the first movie kicked everyone with a heart right in the nads. When that song – you know the one – kicks in, all the jokes stopped. It snapped us all back to childhood, sitting in the cinema. I couldn’t comprehend the events unfolding at the time. It’s one of the most powerful scenes I saw growing up.

Brock and Joy need to get it on

As an adult this was the case, well until Nurse Joy ruins everything with the line, “Pokémon aren’t meant to fight… [Long pause] … Like this.” Stupid Nurse Joy. You might have the looks but the whole series is dependent on monsters having a go at each other.

After the film came to its inevitable happy conclusion, we carried on drinking into the night telling stories about how we got into the series in the first place. Even though I’ve known these people for years, we have a lovely time chatting about days of yore.

It was great to check in on a childhood favourite. It’s not a film you can watch more than once and the animation hasn’t aged well. But, if you’ve been traumatised by Pokémon the first movie, it’s worth revisiting just for the feels. Just make sure you have something alcoholic on hand to get through the last 10 minutes. You will need it.

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